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What started out as a side project to our boring corporate lives has become a full-time job and way of life for us. We scoured barns and old factories for fun when we first met. We collected weird and unusual items from our nation's industrialized past. We deconstructed three barns, an old school, and an old farmhouse. We always stopped in our travels to admire old buildings and the materials and craftsmanship used to create them.

Our passion is bringing old things to new life.

It all started when my father and I purchased a 19th-century church in Lynchburg's Daniel's Hill Historic District. Tackling all of the work ourselves, the restoration process has taught us about the skills and materials used decades ago. We look to preserve the integrity of that workmanship versus the typical cookie-cutter ways of today. We employ hard work to recycle old methods and materials to create functional spaces and unique furniture. We recover artifacts to restore and lengthen those material's lives 100 fold. We strive to carry on the tradition of quality and craftsmanship that allows all the things we recover to still be around today.

Every piece of wood has been harvested from yesteryear with our own sweat, blood, and rarely tears. We love what we do, despite its non-monetary value. Our mutual respect and admiration of the past has carried over into our personal relationship, which inspires, frustrates and drives our day-to-day life. We still have much to learn and look forward to the next fork in the road.

We would like to say thank you to our families, friends, and customers who support us tremendously in our entrepreneurial endeavors. Without that, we would probably still be sitting in our stuffy offices.

We hope you enjoy browsing the site!

Thank you,
Thomas & Anna